Episode 7
In this episode vets try to discover why Shih Tzu Bella is losing weight, three-week old baby chick Rosie is rushed in unable to walk having fallen from a height, and there’s a look at the home life of head nurse Lisa whose current menagerie includes 40 chickens, four horses, two dogs, a cockatoo, a cat, and an African grey parrot called Lola. We follow her bull-mastiff Sam through a tumour removal and head vet Matt gives kitten Gavin the once-over.

Episode 8
In this episode, ten-year-old Jack Russell Tabasco faces surgery after damaging his leg ligaments running for a ball down a hole; vets try to work out why budgie George is losing his feathers; Snowy the cat has his tail removed in a cancer operation, and we follow baby Labrador Harley through his vet checks and puppy training.

Episode 9
In this episode there’s a surprise in store for the owner of Casper the friendly rat, South African born vet Karla sees Lewy, a Staffie who’s just itching to be treated, and head vet Stephen meets Ronin, a yappy Lhasa Apso who’s driving her owner barking mad. Meanwhile, over at Huyton, vet David rasps a poorly rabbit’s teeth, and Beth performs emergency surgery on Honey, an ageing German Shepherd with a life-threatening illness.


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