A middle-aged man recently ditched by his long-term girlfriend, Karl now lives with his elderly Auntie; his closest companion is the voice in his head, a misanthropic alter ego who takes the form of his doppelgänger. The uncensored true version of Karl says what he really thinks without the risk of offending others.

Season 1, Episode 1
Karl and Norma are holding a wake for Uncle Vinnie at the house. So what better time for a delivery man to rock up with the new sofa? It’s a replacement for the one Karl shared with ex Zoe, and he needs to get shot of the old one fast. But when he puts an ad online, he’s given the runaround by Neil, a chancer who leads him further and further away from his uncle’s funeral, and causes him to think carefully about trying to win back Zoe.

Season 1, Episode 2
Next door’s noisy baby is doing Karl’s head in and keeping him awake at night, so when he picks up two mums and their crying kids in his taxi the following day, he loses it. His boss is far from happy (naturally) and sends him off to counselling for anger management. There, his therapist forces him to confront the issues he has with babies, as well as his reluctance to start a family with Zoe.


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