Season 1, Episode 3
Will returns for his final two trips to Korowai territory, to try and find August and his family. He is keen to spend time with them too, to better understand how most Korowai live today. But when he gets to their village, they are nowhere to be found – apparently they have gone to a ‘grub fest’ two days walk away in the forest. These extraordinary events only occur every couple of years, so Will decides to head there to see if he can find them. He arrives at the start of a massive festival of ‘sago grubs’, where sago grubs are backed on hot stones into a kind of pizza and shared with Korowai from all over their territory. Approximately ten per cent of the entire Korowai population have turned up with bows and arrows to dance the night away and feast on sago grubs. But when Will and August return to his village, the pressures facing a community in transition boil over, and Will finds himself in the middle of a very dangerous situation.


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