Dental nurse Jade, who’s 25, hopes to get her teeth into a tall alpha male. She meets strapping, handsome tree surgeon Tom, who wants to branch out from his usual type and put down roots. But will Jade’s honesty be her downfall? Sharran is the UK’s only female sumo wrestler, and some men are intimidated by her size and height. Her date is 6′ 5′ ex-bingo-caller David, who’s been unlucky in love. But will he get Sharran’s number after a drink ordering faux-pas at the bar? Feisty septuagenarian Connie is worried that her flamboyance and active lifestyle are too much for most men, describing herself as ‘too hot to handle’. But when 72-year-old jive dancer Gray arrives on a scooter, it looks hopeful that he could be the man for the job.


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