Season 40, Episode 09 – “Floors Castle 1″
Fiona Bruce presents from Floors Castle in south east Scotland, home of the Duke of Roxburghe. On a day of sunshine and showers, the nation’s favourite group of experts turns up some real treasures, from a highly collectable watch to a rare book signed by JRR Tolkien. Fiona tells the story of this beautiful 18th-century building, which overlooks the River Tweed and the Cheviot Hills. She finds out that the many treasures to be found within are there thanks to the spending power of an American heiress who brought her collection of fine art, porcelain and furniture to the castle when she married into the family.Treasures are in plentiful supply outside the castle too – some Murano glass catches the eye of Judith Miller, what seems a motley collection of jewellery turns out to be worth a small fortune, and the valuation of a Chinese lantern used for family celebrations means it will be treated with kid gloves from now on.


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