Season 40, Episode 25 – “Abbey Pumping Station 2″
Antiques Roadshow in the BBC’s premier antiques programme. A travelling caravan of antiques experts (on- and off-screen), presenter and support staff set up shop in some prominent location in a town or city (cathedral, town hall, public assembly hall etc.) and invite the public to bring in antiques for identification and valuation. The public assemble in hordes. The emphasis in the programmes is on high quality antiques, with valuations often running into thousands of pounds, and antiques of significant historical value are sometime uncovered, for example, one of the earliest known English examples of Delft pottery.

In this Episode, the team make a return visit to the historic Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester, now the city’s Museum of Technology. Complete with four working beam engines, it’s a fine example of Victorian engineering.

Expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan swoons over some 1960s steel sculptures, books specialist Rupert Powell meets playwright Joe Orton’s sister, who brings in the typewriter on which he wrote some of his most important scripts, and Amin Jaffer discovers a valuable collection of exotic metal boxes – they look like snuff boxes, but their actual purpose is much more intriguing.


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