Season 1, Episode 4 – “Scotland”
Al and Fred MacAulay spend three days taking in sites of discord between the English and the Scottish, following the River Clyde from Glasgow to Stirling. The pair visit the location of the Battle of Stirling Bridge, one of Scotland’s greatest military victories over the English in the year 1297. Al and Fred also sample the national dish of Haggis, Neeps and Tatties, and debate the significance of Robert Burns, William Wallace’s Scottishness and Scottish currency. The pair then discuss the controversial decision to base the UK’s nuclear submarines at Faslane, 30 miles outside Glasgow, turning the city into a target in the event of atomic war. The discussion takes place over breakfast in their hotel, with Fred using bread rolls to represent the Vanguard submarine fleet. On their journey the pair also discover how the English came to ban tartan, following the Battle of Culloden in 1745.


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